There’s something beautiful about the past. Two individuals who seem completely different may in fact share an identical past. That can be said about us, the two creators of Shitty Wear (Onicks and Derek). Born and raised in Southern California, we both hailed from loving families who did whatever it took to give us the best lives they could. We experienced light and darkness in many similar ways but it was from that darkness that we found the first instances of our identical pasts.


Addiction. Addict. Addicted. These are concepts that both of us have struggled with since our late teen years. A cycle of seemingly never ending madness. No matter how happy we seemed on the outside, we have always harbored this “monster” inside ourselves. One massive secret that we would stop at nothing to protect. We each had no one that we could be 100% honest to about our addictions and they were destroying us. The burden simply held too much weight for any one person to carry on their shoulders and so our one escape was relapse. 


By the time we had met, we were both professionals in the art of relapse. We knew the “how”, the “when”, the “where”, and knowingly neglected the “why”. That was until we began to get to know each other. We began to open up to each other as we never had with anyone else. We realized just how much we had in common even though we were so different on the outside. This was life-changing for both of us and we used it to our advantage. We use it to keep each other in check so that we can both accomplish everything we want in life.


Our story is just one of countless that we’ve heard about the beauty of stripping away what’s on the outside in order to see inside one another. This ideal is so very important to us and is the very foundation of Shitty Wear. Inclusivity. Diversity. Mutual understanding and respect. We wanted to infuse these beautiful concepts into our brand while also using imagery that we and so many others can relate to. “The Shitty experience”. It’s something we have all been through. For us, it stems from our addictions but for many others, it can stem from relationships, political climates, our perceptions of ourselves, and hundreds of other factors. We take this assumed “negative” and say to ourselves, “I wear this on my sleeve as a badge of courage, NOT as a sign of defeat because we are not alone. We have each other” And we understand YOU!