Frequently asked questions

Who is Shitty Wear for?

Shitty Wear is an entirely inclusive brand designed and made for ALL genders, shapes, sizes, and all walks of life! We carry sizes from XS-5XL and that will NEVER change. We believe in the beauty of your body. Period. Our story is just one of countless that we’ve heard about the beauty of stripping away what’s on the outside in order to see inside one another. This ideal is so very important to us and is the very foundation of Shitty Wear. Inclusivity. Diversity. Mutual understanding and respect. We wanted to infuse these beautiful concepts into our brand while also using imagery that we and so many others can relate to. “The Shitty experience”. It’s something we have all been through. For us, it stems from our addictions but for many others, it can stem from relationships, political climates, our perceptions of ourselves, and hundreds of other factors. We take this assumed “negative” and say to ourselves, “I wear this on my sleeve as a badge of courage, NOT as a sign of defeat because we are not alone. We have each other” And we understand YOU!

Where are Shitty Wear products made?

Shitty Wear products are made all over the world in environmentally responsible, fair-waged print warehouses. *Please note that NONE of our products are made in China.*

What is our return/exchange policy?

What is our return/exchange policy? Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges. Please refer to our sizing guides listed with each product including the *Traditional* mens/womens sizing guides. In the unfortunate event that you received an item that is damaged, please contact us using our contact form.

How can I calculate my size?

Each Shitty Wear clothing item description features: -Full sizing guides (in inches). (Found in final item photo) -A traditional Mens/Womens guide (based on the cut of the item). -Descriptions/Percentages of all materials used.